Our wedding tale

    We met at a concert. He shared the stage with my brother and I was there to photograph the event – simply as the flutist’s sister! But it was the keyboard player who also played percussion that caught my eye and drew my lens. Immediately I knew I had to listen to this music forever…

    Dimitris and I have since been inseparable.

    We had visited Mani many times before, and fell in love with the serenity and the natural beauty of the scenery. We started picturing our wedding when we stayed in Sventoura guesthouse; cozy, beautiful, peaceful, intimate – exactly what we would look for. Bougainvilleas and rock all around. The mountains and the sea encompassing everything. We were lucky to have the amazing photographer and dear friend Yiannis Alefantou to capture our story. Enjoy!



    Destination Wedding Photographer
    May 28, 2016